Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Sorry for the deathly silence...I am here now: http://otown.wordpress.com
Blogger was not so user friendly.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Damage Control

Oh hell...
Four thirty a.m. arrived waaaay to early today. I stayed up watching that worthless Brothers & Sisters show with Ali McBeal. It is terrible. It is no Grey's Anatomy, and therefore no reason to be going to bed so late.
But being true to myself, I got out of bed, got ready and went to the "Y?". Conveniently enough (irony alert), construction is being done on the parking lot of the Green Hills "Y?", so what was left of parking was absolutely slammed. At 5a.m. Seriously.
To warm up, we had to run one stinking miserable mile. No problemo, kimosabe. WRONG! I have let my running legs go fallow, as it were. One mile and I was dying. Boo. Tomorrow's marathon training kick-off run promises more of today's lung-fireworks. I do not know how I am going to do any serious damage control before then.
I am just going to have to suffer. Punishment for a no running summer.

Friday, September 29, 2006


I'M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK.....(I really wanted to say that I was Bach, but that is too corny, even for me)...
What has changed and what has stayed the same???
Well, I have taken the summer off of distance running and have focused on lean body mass through boot camp. You know, when I am not late-night hangin' out. My social life needed a shot in the arm.
What have I accomplished in boot camp? Impressing friends and strangers with my super human ability to function at 4:45 a.m. And the occasional one arm push up! Oh yeah, and a much leaner bod. This will make running a LOT easier starting next week. Yes that is right kids - I'm kickin it up a notch. Finished are the 12oz bicep curls and Julia Childs impersonations. Er, ok not finished, just dialed back.
It is Fall and time to be serious - no more jetting off to Miami or Vegas or Cali, but don't ask me to give up NYC.
See ya next week for the season premiere of My (continued) Marathon Misadventures!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CMM Recap, Part Deux

So when last I left you, I was laying down at a medic station on Belmont. Resting. Assuaging my nausea and fever. Angry at my darn luck.

The medic man, who was very nice, said that if I wasn't feeling better soon I'd have to pull out of the race. WHAT? What, man? Quit?! Nothing like a little, "Oh no you can't" to galvanize one's will. I hopped right up and took off running, leaving Boyfriend and Medic Man standing there agog, holding my empty water bottle. I have been training for six months for this thing and there was no stopping me. Obviously, or the puking would have been a good place to quit. Or the seeing of stars. But whatever. Off I went.

Struggle, struggle, struggle. I don't remember a lot of the run down Music Row. Actually, there is a lot of the run that I don't remember. Isn't that strange. I was just concentrating on running at a pace that I could live with or walking as fast as possible. The sun had now come out and it was very warm. Well, it seemed warm out. The sun was a hazy, sunburn kind of sun and I realized besides forgetting to put Body Glide on my feet, I neglected to apply sunscreen to face and arms. Great. I could see my fate so clearly: Sick with flu, burned by glaring mid-morning sun. Well, that would take care of that sick pallor, wouldn't it?

My next clear memory is passing the 15k marker. Math was impossible at this point...How far was that? Nine miles, maybe ten? I rounded 12th Avenue in the Gulch and noticed the new restaurant, Radius10, where we had dinner reservations later that evening. I wasn't aware that it was down here - so I perked up enough to make a mental note of its exact location. For some reason, be it the heat, the restaurant, the utter chaos in my body, but I was sure I had passed 10 miles. Only 3 to go. No problem.

I kept trotting. And trotting. And trotting. And then came upon the 10 mile marker. DAMMIT! Poo, now it felt like I had so much farther to go. Boo. An old man passed me. I wanted to cry. But instead, I slipped on Mardi Gras beads. Excuse me? Some spirit team had a Fat Tuesday theme, which would have been really adorable, but I was pissy. So, next time I will give the spirit people high fives in lieu of the scowls they received.

This kind of sounds like a drunk story since I have such poor recollection of the order of events during the race, but I'll chalk it up to delirium. As I entered Bicentennial Mall near the Farmer's Market I saw two good friends of mine and I pulled over to chat. I mean, I had already wrecked my goal time and really wanted to thank them for coming out. Immediately they noted how slow I was going and after getting a good look at me asked if I was ok, because I looked terrible. Um, snakes on a plane, guys! Actually, I was feeling better than earlier. I was able to keep water down. YAY! Victory is mine!

I walked up the hill at the 12m marker, but once I was at the top (twice, there was a false summit), I ran. I ran like I had gotten 8 hours of sleep that night. It didn't feel like that good, but I wanted to be DONE. A running finish was the last goal, the only goal left that I could accomplish. So I RAN. Sure, it probably didn't look like much, but inside, I was pouring in on. Running over the Woodland Street bridge was great. Having done it before, I knew what to expect and I knew where the finish line was. Taking advantange of the downhill grade, I tried to build up some momentum to get some speed around the finish. I saw our running groups two trainers, M&M, and I waved! Yay! Almost done.

Around the corner I saw two more of our faithful trainers and I waved to them as well - they looked a little concerned to see me arriving so late...RR finished in 2:18:some change. Dang. That coulda been me.

Mile marker 13! YESSSS! Boyfriend said it was noisy, but I didn't hear a thing. Nothing. I remember it being quiet. Then I heard my name! Boyfriend and his sidekick were there at the end! That was really sweet. As I crossed the finish, I heard the commentator say some stuff, but what caught my attention was a tinkling sound. The sound of medals! I GET A MEDAL, I thought, I EARNED a medal! I finally finished. And, like usual, I cried. Despite being sick and tired and dehydrated, I cried real tears. I didn't think there was anything wet left inside of me!

I don't know if I was happy that I finished, or sad that my time was about 3 hours. Guess it is a little bit of both.

This a.m. I hit the gym and ran 2m and did 40 minutes of weights and 20 minutes core all by myself and will be doing 3m after work. Training for the [insert name here] Marathon started today.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Stubborn Mule, Or How I Ran A Half Marathon With The Flu

(ok, RR is totally wearing make-up! I could barely drag myself out of bed!)

The planning of this post has been fairly long. I didn't know, really, the story I wanted to tell. Was it going to be optimistic? Or pessimistic? I try to let the story tell itself and my attitude usually comes through to give the facts some color. So in this case, I will let my ambivalence about the run be known and my successes or failures stand on their own. Now, folks are going to say, "You finished! That's a success!" and it is, but this is also sad story that takes away from a big win in my book.

Friday, I was so excited about the race! I had finally gotten over being bummed out about not doing the full (and was WAAAAAY ok with it) and I was going around work telling everyone to look for me on TV! I hit the expo and signed up for the 2 hour corral, aka number 7 (ok, I knew that wasn't going to be my time, but I didn't want to have to weave in and out of people - I DIDN'T know that it would be a mob scene!!) - it was cool! Running Skirts had a booth there and it was STRANGE because I thought this trend was something that existed only in the blogosphere vacuum (here and here and here). WRONG. Not only was there a booth at the expo, but I saw a bunch of girls wearing them during the race!!! Weird...I didn't think the blog world and the real world actually intersected.

When I got back to work, I wasn't feeling too hot. But I figured it was stress and hunger. I ate my lunch and my life went downhill fast from there. Vomit! Fever! Aches! The trifecta of terrible-ness! I was up all night fighting the fever and nausea. I finally fell asleep around 4a. FOUR IN THE MORNING. I wouldn't have heard my alarm, but somehow I heard my phone ring. A good friend called to see if I was up. Good thing too! Checked my temp: 99...well it was down from the day before, so I decided it was go time. Got dressed, washed my face, got dressed, and tried to eat (unsuccessfully), and tried to drink pedialyte (quasi-successfully) and headed towards Centennial Park. It was a great morning for running, the temp was cool, a little humidity, no glaring sun - perfect!

We got to Centennial Park and, MAN, I wish Boyfriend would have taken some pictures of the masses of humanity. I clearly was out of my mind, so photography wasn't a priority. Lines for port-a-potties were miles long; runners were getting massages, drinking coffee; camera crews were everywhere; news helicopters circled overhead! I was shocked at my busy West End Avenue buzzing with humans instead of cars!! Frankly, I liked it. The energy in the air was palpable. I think I must have been drafting off of others mojo because I didn't have a drop of my own to sustain me. I was dry, dry, dry and couldn't even go to the potty. But by-golly I sure as hell was going to run this half marathon.

I finally found some of our running group and we slowly assembled. I was pretty sure I could do this run. I mean, heck, I ran 14 miles hung over at Grassland (I am not even going to link you to that). Somehow, we got organized into our corral, somewhere I kissed Boyfriend good-bye, someway we found ourselves shivering with anticipation of the starting shot. The national anthem was sung, that always makes me teary-eyed, and the race began - in waves. The wave start was not anti-climatic at all, unlike my assumption. Finally, corral 7, "GO!" ARGH! I was being trampled! RR was running so fast! It felt like we were running for our lives! It seemed like there were a ga-zillion people in front of us, but when I looked back - YIKES! - more were coming (18 corrals more), like a tsunami wave of people coming to trample me!

Mile 1, 9:40 - whoa! Mile 2, 9:50 - whoa! Mile 3, 10:0-something - CRAP! Mile 4 - barf. Literally. No food, no water, no potty and I could still vomit. I was seeing stars and wasn't sweating. I sent RR packing and told her to save herself. Seriously, I do not think I was sick because of the fast start. I was sick because I was sick. So I walked and then ran until I felt queasy and then would walk again. I ran into my fans right about that time. But in my book: NO STOPPING! NO TALKING! AND NO F'ING POWERADE!!! Powerade made things worse - too much sugar. Water was only ok.

As I was struggling down Belmont, my buddy who had called me that morning passed me (with his cute wife and one of his [very] cute brothers). He asked how my knees were...Fine thank you, better than my tummy. "Didya go out drinking last night?!" I could have put my Saucony right up his ass. And I would have, but I was starting to have serious legs cramps - which must have been the dehydration rearing its shriveled head. Never have I ever felt my quads cramp up until this day. What a unique feeling. If I ever feel it again, I might have to stab myself.

We rounded Clifton - happily this route was familiar. The familiarity was the most comforting thing - considering the hecklers on the sidelines.

"I wouldn't even sign up for this if I couldn't run it" --> I was walking at this point.
"Here have some OJ" --> spiked with Jack Daniels.

Some poor, good runner grabbed a cup of OJ from this Vols loving douche bag (this is not hate on the VOLS, in fact, I doubt this guy even went to college) and got a shot of JD as a freebee. Gross. Poor guy. It wasn't even 8 in the morning. I was so discouraged to see all these people passing me. People from corral 10 ran past, corral 11, corral 15...[sigh] All this work for nuthin'. My shoulders ached and my eyes were pounding. I didn't want to pout and cry in front of all of these strangers so I kept going, mostly walking, but running when I felt my ego stab me.

I don't remember it very well, but after trying to run some more, I got sick again! AGAIN! SERIOUSLY?! I mean, what is left inside there? Mile 6, I am for sure walking at this point. Mile 7, I walk over to where my fans were camped out. Sick, tired, delirious, I asked for an IV. I was offered a mimosa. Hm. I realized things must be bad when a voice turned it down, the voice was my own. O'Hizzy mentioned that there was a medic station 15 feet away...how did that escape my ever darkening view?! I wobbled over to the medic station and explained that I had been vomiting and was probably dehydrated. Asking for an IV, they simply offered me a cot. I accepted. Boyfriend and Mr. Medic Man exchanged worried glances.

[to be continued...]

Friday, April 28, 2006

Just My Lot

Food: negative 2 meals
Water: negative 40 oz
Gatorate: negative 32 oz

Not once, not twice, but three times! I have spent the afternoon evacuating my stomach and nursing a fever. I can't keep food or water down. This is VERY BAD. I don't think it is nerves. I typically do not suffer from a nervous tummy. Plus I am achy all over.

AND I am trying to tidy my apartment since I have friends coming into town to stay at my place for MY ex-boyfriend's wedding tomorrow.

Oh dear.

Can't Sit Still

Food: 1 peanut butter sammy
Water: some - working on it.
Coffee: none so far - [I'm a hero!] going for a small cup now...boo.
Miles: ZERO, but I am so stoked I wanted to run some this a.m.
Time wasted thinking about race: A LOT - ashamed to calculate!!

I am so excited! Everyone at work is stopping by my office and poking their head in!! Are you excited are you excited are you excited?!?! I wasn't yesterday, but today, I AM!! This is my first really big race.

The Reggae Run in Cinci was very big and a lot of fun (but that was, um, 5 years ago that I ran it!) and The Elvis Is Alive 5k was also very big. But the Country Music Marathon is gonna be freakin' HUGE!! GI-Normous!! 100,000 spectators!! WOOT!

Last night I went out for dinner with one of my bestie besties and up until last night, I thought she wasn't really on board with the marathon thing, even though she did give up one morning to be my sherpa. I had a strict Olivia embargo on the partying with that group, but was looking forward to being done with training so we could get back to biznazz. Then two of my gals in that group got pregnant - which makes training for the next race a NO BRAINER! Anyhoo, I didn't think she was really on board with all this crazy running, but last night - I almost cried - she got me for my (belated) birthday a fun new pair of running shorts (BUCKEYE colored!!), body glide in a super handy marathon size, and lots of GU in my favorite flavors!! AW!

Don't tell her, but I can't wait for Baby O'Hizzy! YAY!

YAY! Tomorrow is the RACE!!! Go say HI to Rae and Brent, her husband, they are running the half as well!! I am going to take a break and tell everyone tomorrow is race day!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Busy Little Blogger

Frank says HI. Typically he would be looking at the camera, but he is v. busy killing the frog. He is currently on "crate rest". Small dogs are predisposed to luxating patellas, and he is a type II - patella pops out of place from time to time, but is generally in place. Somehow, he has torn some of his ligaments (I suspect by playing with Boyfriend's rather large and mentally challenged yellow lab, who is a very sweet tempered dog) and has been limping around for a couple of days. Good news is small dogs make bad surgery candidates! Bad news is Frank has to chill in his cabana 90% of the time. BOO.

Anyway, I just got back from my lunch break. I bought new shorts for the run - RR and I are supposed to get the same color, but my good friends at the Athlete's House, where they fronted me socks one day (I am forever grateful), didn't have our agreed upon color. Grr. Now I have periwinkle. Oh well. Does not match my shoes, but who the heck cares about that? (besides some small part of me!)

I did a short run this a.m. and it was FREEZING. Due to a lapse in judgement and a lack of consulting the Weather Channel, I did my run in shorts. Brrr. Nevertheless, the brisk weather was an eye-opener of sorts and I was rarin' to get my day started when I got home. I don't know why I don't run more in the mornings - I guess because it doesn't get light early enough. Running in the dark, alone, freaks me out. And usually I take Frank for walks once it does get light. Hm, so based on the recent diagnosis, I have the next month to run in the a.m. without walking the Pooper. I need to lube up though on these fun runs. The inside of my upper arm got all chaffed today. Um, ugly! And ouch!!

Let's look at race day weather...I heard it is supposed to rain! Do I pack spare shoes and socks?!
Well, blogger doesn't want to attach that picture. So I'll tell you - 60 degrees (67% humidity) at 7a.m. with a 30% chance of rain by 9a.m. Not bad.

Ok gotta run! (figuratively)

Crossing the Line

Fo' realz...Chicago has banned FOIS GRAS!!! (source)
I cannot believe it! No smoking, no nuclear power, no fois gras...Chicago must not care much about its local chapter of the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce.
That's it! I refuse to run the Chicago Marathon in protest of all this lifestyle legislation!


Miles: 3.5 wearing shorts in 44 degree chill
Water: 14 oz
Food: 1 bowl Frosted Flakes
Coffee: 1 small cup - I am weak.
Awards: Most Likely to Have an Entourage

Hm. Entourage? It is true - I seem to bring a lot of people with me everywhere I go. We had a "Senior Superlatives" award moment last night at the training group's cookout. It was a lot of fun despite the unseasonably cold weather. Funny, everyone looked so different with make up on and regular clothes.

more soon!

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