Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Friday, December 30, 2005

I won't Aleve you alone...

Miles: 0 - day off, gang
Soreness: 1 Aleve needed, badly
Mood: insert more sleep
Beers: 0 - YAY!
Potato Chips: 0 - miracle

Great 50 min cross train last night. I just did elliptical. Bad people watching, however...that is, I saw a LOT of people I knew and me no likey. To clarify, my beef isn't with the people I see, it is SEEING them. I don't enjoy seeing people I know while I'm at the grocery store and I really don't like running into peeps at the gym. I don't know what it is...Perhaps since working out/grocery shopping/etc are goal driven activities for me, not social occasions, I don't relish the slightest chance of being put off my path. The Path to Being Finished with Mundane Task.

Anyway, usually about 25 min into a cross train on an elliptical machine 2 things happen:

  2. hot feet - like my feet feel hot AND asleep. strange, huh?

I wonder why that happens. It could be the laces are too tight across the top of my foot and irritate the nerve that enervates the toes, but I'm not sure why that doesn't happen when I run. I thought about that for awhile and it really killed the time - therefore lessening the impact of problem #1.

So I am totally sore today. And I am dreading the 8-mile run tomorrow. :( I've never run 8 miles - EVER. Additionally, I'll be running part of the marathon course so that will noticeably increase my nervousness - in the short term. In all of the articles and blogs I've read, running the race course really helps the mental hurdles one encounters. Mental hurdles, eh?...I'll be channeling the shite out of Jackie Joyner-Kersee if that's the case.

This a.m., I totally skipped what would have been my pilates make-up session. I SUCK. I'm tired, ok? The thought of a Tower pilates class just made my hamstrings quiver like cat-gut on a tennis racket. [shiver]

Time to start my psyche-up for tomorrow. 8 miles. Maybe I'll make a new iPod mix using Eminem - you know, '8 Mile'... That's weak. I know.


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