Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Run Recap - Uphill Battle

Weight: only on Mondays, kids!
Mood: good, but tired
Miles: 4.14 (yesterday), in 48 min. I don't know my splits - watch is broken.
Workout: 60 min weights and core strengthening (a.m.), and 40 min x-train (p.m.)

Soreness: freaking duh.
Beers: 0 - YAY!

Boy, 4:30 came EARLY today. I suppose some people are excited to start their day and get going. I was not so much that person. Alarm goes off, and Frank oh-so-loudly groans his disapproval. It was a loud groan for a little dog! But I was determined to hit the gym for my training this a.m. Even after a tough run la
st night! I owed it to myself. The Happy Hour night kind of ruined my mojo...Because I went out to Las Palmas for some tacos to go with my tummy full of beer. MMMMMMM. While delicious and satisfying, my goal of a more fit Olivia will take longer unless I stop pigging out.

Well, to recap the past 24 hrs, let me begin with yesterday. Post sitting on my butt all day long. Anyone familiar with Nashville knows that it is hilly. Well, more hilly than, say, Ohio. My run last night was only 4.14 miles - the last half was tough. As you can see, from mile 2 - 3.5 it is ALL UP HILL! That is a huge grade. So as you can
imagine, my hamstrings are as tight as a drum right now. I do stretch, but even when I was doing yoga every day these bitches stayed TIGHT. I am still working on them. However, my goal of touching my toes (for the first time ever) before 30 wasn't realized. The weather was great, cool but not cold, and dry. Rain threatened the greater BNA area, but didn't get me yesterday. I just wish it wasn't 'midnight' dark at 5.30 p.m. I get a little glare with my contacts and I don't feel comfortable running but on sidewalks where I HOPE people are not driving. After the run, which wasn't bad with regard to strength or time considering I haven't run since before I went home for Christmas (read: over a week), I was ready to eat. Boyfriend and I shared Christmas presents (very good!) and went to Ginza, one of my favorite sushi places in NashVegas. I ATE THE HOUSE DOWN. A cucumber roll, a white dragon, 2 white tuna nigiri, 2 salmon nigiri and 1 sweet shrimp nigiri (was yucky). oink.

As was mentioned earlier - 4.30 came early, too early. I got to the gym by 5, warmed up and started with my trainer. Sadly, we worked on lower body. Seriously, the last thing I wanted to do after an ALL UPHILL run was do lunges. Bastard! Oh well, it is his job to be simultaneously loved and loathed by me. After 40 min of weights, we did 25 min of core strengthening (I am getting so much stronger during the plank exercise!) and stretching. 40 min of cross training was SUPPOSED to happen next - I guess only in my imaginary world. I was too exhausted/hungry/worried my iPod would run out of juice. So, I've bumped that to after work. You know, so the gym is good and crowded - you know I LOVE seeing a gazillion of my best-ies whilst I look like shite.

I think my next best plan will be getting in touch with a nutritionist. It is either feast or famine chez moi. Either I am Porky Porkerson or Olive Oyl...uh, figuratively speaking. I've never actually looked like Olive Oyl.

Ok, time for a conference call. :(


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