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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Being Sucky Is Hard To Do

I don't want to blog and tell you all I've done NOTHING since my run on Saturday. I've been in hiding and now have alienated my fans. :( We'll here is my recap of Sat.

I actually ran 8.5 and another mile when I got home. Here's the scoop: I was running with a gal who runs more at my pace than other's I had been running with. This is key I think for a successful long run. She, however, is only running the half, so she didn't have to go as far on Saturday.

I wish I would have had my camera to photograph the houses that we ran by in Belle Meade. They were silly large. One you couldn't even see from the road, but it had a SERVICE ENTRANCE, labeled with a sign. A sign that said "Service Entrance for XXXX Chickering Road". Sheesh!

Anyway, that Saturday morning was bitter bitter cold. Surely, my friends in Northern Ohio and Chicago will laugh heartily at that. But dang, that's why I live down here and not up there! Who wants to deal with cold wind and snow? Anyway, we did - all 11 of us - on Saturday morning. I had geared up with Gu, had technical fiber socks on, and plenty of technical fibers layered. I had lubed up with plenty of that crazy fitness lube that is supposed to prevent chafing and I was ready (technically speaking) to run the longest run of my life. I tried not to think about whether or not it would be difficult - I just kept thinking, "It can't be worse than the last long run". Not sure how or why it couldn't, but that 8 mile run was so hard. Maybe I was going too fast.

When I arrived, there were only 2 people - a very fast girl who is getting married (I might be convinced to run faster if I were getting married just to work off my extra padding) and a trainer. Oh, and another trainer who would be going on bike. Bastard. I was so afraid that I'd be running this whole way by myself! That was the worst feeling in the world!! [groan] Seriously doubting my mettle and freezing my tush off, I waited along with the 3 others for more to arrive. Slowly but surely 10 more runners made it. I'll admit - I got lost on my way there, so I don't blame others.

A gal showed up that I ran hills with the week before and I knew she and I had the same stride/pace. So, although she's just a halfer, it was in my best interest to fraternize (ha ha!). Off we went at a comfortable, conversational pace. Before we knew it, we were at the 2m water break. My shoes are completely shot, so I took this opportunity to stretch my calves. The shin-splints were so painful it felt like the front of my shins were bruised and battered. Stretch stretch here, stretch stretch there and away we went. Neither of us could believe what a breeze the first two miles were. Onward we ran, and before we knew it we were on Tyne, the home stretch before the 4m turn around. Boy did it stretch on and on. Seriously, a mile never felt soooooo long. We were getting a little worried. For my part, it didn't help that we were lapped by a set of faster runners who showed up late! Grr. I didn't mention we were passed by several individuals who run Belle Meade regularly. Seriously, the geriatric track team blew us out of the water. One day, I aspire to wake up and knock out 8 miles with my old geezer friends. Jeez!

FINALLY we made it to the turn around. I cracked open my well-earned Triple Berry Gu and took a...sip/bite/gulp...and as it turned out, Gu tasted like shite, many berried shite to be exact. Also, I had a serious texture reaction. Basically, it made me gag. Luckily, my running partner Nurse Hatchet (no, I can't call her that, she is way to nice to be that...but I can't think of other nurse-y names) had electrolyte jelly bellies. Those were good, damn straight! After our snack that would make astronauts drool, we headed back! Frankly, I couldn't believe we knocked out 4m and were feeling good!!

On the way back, we were tired, to be sure, but it wasn't bad. Sadly the wind was coming at us and there was a lot of drag (as well as complaints of it being "f'ing cold!"), but we ploughed on. Before long we were back at the bridge for some more gatorade...the 2m bridge! We just slammed 6m. I was shocked. Shocked. The last 2m were kind of an uphill grade, so we were worried. My hips started hurting and we both got butt cramps. They HURT, but were also very funny! It felt so good just to lift up the butt cheek. Seriously, I am not above laughing childishly at the thought of lifting my butt. Especially when being forced to do so in front of others! We plodded along, right cheek in hand! Almost there, almost there...we could see the parking lot...and kept running. It kind of felt like the parking lot was receding. You know, like when you were little and trying to learn how to swim and your mom or teacher kept backing away as you paddled closer. ARGH! Last bit of steam and we finished strong. We stretched and I came home to run one more mile. No prob whatsoever.


I mean, really, I can't believe it did it.

Ever since, I've done nothing. I went to ATL at noon (entry on that next), didn't work out Monday, no pilates Tuesday and nothing so far today. Sucky suck suck.


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