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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Hills hills hills

I have been very very naughty! After feeling like SheRa Princess of the Universe after my long run last week and keeping up with my work outs on Monday and Tuesday, my 'powers' got the better of me...Wednesday was a bust! Thursday, I did work with my trainer but did ZERO cardio. Friday - uh, slightly hungover. I justified not working out on Friday by saying "DAY OFF", but hell, I'd been 'off' all week. So this a.m., I set my alarm for 5:30 for an early morning lifting session before our long run.

Beepbeepbeep.....beepbeepbeep....[reset alarm]

I totally skipped lifting! Why oh why did I do that? Regardless of my lame repositioning, I can't spin this as anything than what it really is: UGLY LAZINESS. I did show up for the long run. Sadly. We were doing hills. Ugh. 6 miles on hills?! Do I have to? [whine whine whine]

A lot of people showed up at the YMCA, for the run. I was very happy about this. It is better for me to run in a larger group. I have some people to chase and some people to beat and always someone to run with. Off we went in Green HILLS...up up up! So many long climbs, so many false summits. SO many curse words! The false summits are truly heartbreaking. After digging in and pushing for the top, making it, saying a prayer of thanks that my heart didn't explode, and seeing yet another climb...AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGH! I can't describe the frustration. So, up on my toes I went, using my arms like I was getting into my back pocket, digging reaching cussing grunting crying. But I did it - we ALL did it - and it was hard. Five miles (a welcome abbreviation suggested by the coach) kind of zoomed by.

This is an interesting thing...I do feel stronger, better, more confident. I was even singing a little bit. WOW! I might be able to do this marathon thing! [shock awe]

Let's see if I can make my Saturday night, uh, somewhat tame - inspite of large birthday party. I'd like to do some nordic walking tomorrow and make up the lifting that I skipped today.

112 more days


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