Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Lifestyles of the Boring and Over-Exercised...

Pop: 1 - fresca...very mormon of me
Junk: 0 - too busy to hit Vending Satan
Food: 1 bowl of chicken chili, homemade, I'm batch cooking now - too busy to eat out
Weight: not sure, but less than before, people are noticing. And underwear is less tight. [finally!]

I did not make the Mars Bar Cake last night. I didn't run my 4m. And I didn't feel like going out and buying the ingredients. I don't exactly have superfine sugar, graham crackers and mars bars in my pantry. But I do like the thought of Camilla munching away on this very naughty dessert. Damn sister, a whole stick of butter to go with candy bars?!
I need to run 4m after work. I also have a work dinner tonight at the infamous Wildhorse Saloon. That place is CHEESY - self-proclaimed, Nashvilles #1 dining and entertainment destination! Owned by Gaylord (Focker!) Entertainment, you know, the Opry and stuff. [groan]
My plan is this: leave work early to run and hustle on downtown for this dinner. Poor FRANK! I hate leaving him home alone so much. :( boo-hoo.

Stay tuned...


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