Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Monday, January 09, 2006

Olivia Trains for Marathon, Hilarity Does Not Ensue

Miles: 3.6! YAY! in only 34 minutes!

Contrary to what I thought, I think my social life is the real casualty of this training. Not my toenails, not my sleep schedule. My social life. Poor Frank (my Toy Fox Terrier) hates to see me leave! I spend so much time training I don't have any time for him. :(

Additionally, my friends are getting left behind too. Or maybe vice versa. I am not certain that they realize running a marathon is a real goal that I have, not some crazy whim. There was a big birthday party over the weekend - the night after I ran all those HILLS. I promised I would come - plus I wouldn't miss their birthdays! - but I was very tired. So Boyfriend and I were late. About two hours late. But it was a big party! Oh well. We were missed. And I got chewed out. Seriously, I don't know that everyone understands my committment to my training. TWENTY SIX POINT TWO MILES in ONE MORNING. That's a freaking LOT of miles. To prepare for that morning I have 355 more miles to run before that day. So going out and drinking mad beers and partying until all hours of the night is no longer on my agenda - at least until April 29. Also, I think I am cutting out caffeine. Cokes, coffee, all of it gone! It doesn't really agree with my tummy.

All that said, I do love this journey! Like I said: 355 more miles to go!

PS: The Bachelor was filmed in Paris this summer and it is cheesy as hell! Bone Jer! Oh voire! Sad - I was all comfy on my couch ready to feel nostalgique - pas de chance. MERDE! It is tres nul. But the Bachelor is from Nashville and completely EN FUEGO!!!


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