Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Monday, January 09, 2006


Miles: 0 (yet!)
Workout: 60 min
Weight: can't bring myself to look
Wine: 2 - red, its good for you!
Sugar Free Peanut Butter Wafers: 1 pack - bought 2, one is still stuck downstairs in vending Satan, er, machine

I came to the realization this a.m. that I am enjoying this training. Sure, I bemoan the early mornings and personal injury, but even as I lay prostrate on my couch at 7pm (or somewhere else wishing I was prostrate on my couch) it is impossible not to feel excited about the next day.

So you get it, 4:30 a.m. reveille (pour mes lecteurs francophones, 'reveille' est prononce: re-vell-ee, et veut dire le coup d'un clairon de bon matin) isn't like a massage. But, it isn't painful anymore either. My coach worked me out today, and she is notorious for having a relaxed relationship with time. So I made sure I counted and watched the clock. Who wants to do a 5 minute wall sit with a 6 lb medicine ball between the knees? I'll forego that misery and watch the clock, thank you very much! Regardless of my CPA-like attention to numbers, the workout was a tough one, but like I've said: I am feeling stronger every day.

Anyhoo, I am getting a little tired of it still being dark out AFTER I leave the gym. I just don't love walking my dog in the dark. And tonight, I'll have to run in it. :( Good thing my office gets lots of sunshine!

More later after my evening run!


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