Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Friday, January 13, 2006

rain + cold = motivation neutralizer

Pop: 1 diet 7Up
Junk: 1 bag white cheddar popcorn
Drugs: 4 ibuprofen
Food: 1 bad frozen lunch - some hideous fake palak paneer. I mean, the cheese was squeaky when I chewed it!
Miles: 3.2 YESTERDAY!!! Today's my day off, yo!

Ugh! The weather here in BNA is best described as blustery today. But not in the cute Christopher Robin and Pooh way. In the yucky, sloppy, dreary way that makes me think, "If its this bad here, just think of how bad it is in Ohio!".

I ran a wimpy 3.2m yesterday - my heart wasn't in it and my calves were a-screamin'. Not even a little Kanye West could get me in the mood. It was a struggle the whole way. It didn't help that it was a beautiful 65 degrees yesterday - a siren song tempting me with a patio and margaritas...or even 2-4-1 beers... Nooooooooo, I had to slog around for 33 minutes wishing I had new sneaks.

Worst part: I have 9 miles to look forward to tomorrow. ARRRGH! And I have to pack for a weekend in ATL and I have to make my apartment not look like Beirut. Somewhere in the debris, I'll find my camera charger and I'll load some pictures of The Frank. He's the best.

CRAP. What am I going to do about the 9 miles?? I am nervous. It is going to be cold, and maybe wet! Plus the coaches won't be there. [gulp!] Who is going to keep me from totally wimping out? Please telepathy me all of your running will-power...


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