Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Sad Little Workout

Miles: 1 (pathetic)
Diet Cokes: 1
Junk: 0 (would be more but was stuck in endless meeting today)
Random Info: Today in 1994 - Record cold temperatures across the eastern half of the United States brings temperatures below -20°F in many locations, such as Ohio and Kentucky. This is when my car got stolen from the QuickChek down the street from my house when my dad went to pick up milk in the morning (which he forgot to do before coming home from work the night before). It had all the decorations for our winter dance in the trunk. I cried when I told the committee. I was in high school, it was pathetic. The car was found weeks later in Daytona. Dad said they found scary stuff in the car. He never did say what. The thief went to my high school. Sorry for the memory! Happy (belated) Birthday Dad!

Sad little workout today. BUT, at least I was up and at 'em, for the first time all week. I need to buck up and get really regular about being good during the week. You know, if I miss Monday's training session, my whole week goes all caddywampus. This coming Monday I have to be in court to testify (as a witness for the State of Tennessee I cannot divulge details on a public forum such as a blog), so that also may mess up my mojo for next week. Gimme strength!! Maybe I'll be reverse inspired by my weekend run...What does that mean? It means, running 9 miles sure as hell didn't inspire me to run this week, so by only doing 5 this week (as a non-building week) maybe I'll be so disgusted by my lack of effort that I will do more. Suffice it to say, that's where I am right now!!

T-minus 100 days and counting...


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