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Friday, January 27, 2006

They Don't Call It "Work" For Nuthin'

Uh, I can't believe I've actually worked really hard this week. Now, keep in mind I was out on Monday and Tuesday...But I've been very busy working out as well. Amazingly enough, my theory of underwhelming performances is correct! I work out harder after a non-building week than the week following a building week.

Corn-fused yet? Let me try to explain (again).

Last Saturday, I did a 6m run (very well I might add). And this week, I did ALL the training runs: 4m on Monday and 5m on Wednesday with 2 days of cross training and weights. Tomorrow I run 10m. WHAT?!?! WTF??! I have to run TEN MILES TOMORROW? SHITE! Well, I'll get to that in a second.

The week before that, I ran 9m on the Saturday long run and did NO training runs during the week. Bupkes. I barely was interested in my training workouts.

So, let's see what this coming week holds. Seriously, though, I was not in the mood to run 5m Wednesday night after work. It was cold. Somehow, some way, I snuck past my consciousness and did it. Was a strong run, too. Except that my most beloved running pants turned on me - and gave me a terrible case of swamp ass! :( My thighs are all chafed. double :( I was raw and started to bleed! Terrible. So I guess I'll be breaking out the shorts tomorrow...Hmm, let's look at the weather, shall we? 40 degrees, eh? That's gonna be chilly. Maybe my running pants and I should kiss and make up.

I really can't believe that I can just whip through 5m now, like it isn't a big deal. Mostly, I was motivated by fear. FEAR OF TEN MILES!!! More tomorrow. I've been bad at blogging this week, what with actually having to throw-down here at work. But I'll be better from here on out! Thanks for sticking with me! [crickets chirping]


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