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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Why Can't I Just Have More Initiative?!

Sorry for the delay...I don't have internet access at home [universe pauses for collective gasp!] and was out Monday and Tuesday from work.

Food on Saturday: Pancake Pantry and Ginza Sushi
Food on Sunday: Pancake Pantry and dinner at home
Food on Monday: Breakfast at home, Thai for lunch and Mexican for dinner (the one day I DON'T eat at the Pantry Keith Urban shows up!)
Food on Tuesday: Breakfast at home, Chinese for lunch and Indian for dinner
New Dress Size: up 2 sizes... very sad and pathetic.

My Saturday run...We'll I was supposed to wake up and go to the gym to lift before the 6m run. That didn't happen as you can imagine. :( The worst part is this: I woke up on my own at 4:30a. Seriously. Without an alarm. Did I get out of bed? Nooooooooo... The alarm went off at 5:30a. BEEP BEEP BEEP. What did I do? Hit snooze? Nooooo... I just turned it off and reset it for 6:30a. I was awake, but just so tragically LAZY that I couldn't go lift weights.

Now I did make it for the 6m run - which went well, except for Mt. Everest we had to run up on Graybar Rd. For real, the was the longest steepest hill I've ever run up. ARGH!! Very challenging. I have to write more later; I am swamped at work and Evil Co-Worker is hounding me for stuff that is ridiculous!! :(

I am angry today.


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