Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I am exhausted. This was the first morning I've run the 'bonus' run with the marathon training group. Sure sure, we are supposed to run on Wednesdays, but I rarely do. As a newly determined runner, I have decided that attitude is naughty and am now ready to bonus run when ever it is offered.

I started today. It was cold. It was dark. I was tired. I was planning on running to the start of the run...but after minimal reflection, I decided that was redundant and hopped in my car. I get to the start and there are only 4 runners: coach, extremely fast girl (who will easily break the 2h mark on her 1/2 marathon this weekend), experienced marathon runner boy (who, despite being freakishly tall, runs with ease), and me. One of these things is not like the others...

Off we went at a respectable sprint. Uphill. [struggle]

After not too long (in reality...but in my head, it took forever!) we reached the Vandy campus, at which point we are running downhill. Extremely Fast Girl is pumping along way out in front, then the 2 dudes, and then the dud (me). We make it...uh, they get to, *I make it*, to the Wendy's on West End at which point Coach says ok, run around Centennial Park and go back. Then those three tear off to parts unknown. I look at the park. It is dark. Waaaay dark. I know for a FACT scary homeless men sleep in the pavilion. [shiver] I start running up the entrance road and see NO ONE in the park. OK, it is 5:45 or so, I would be sorta shocked to see loads of people cruising around. But, man, it was dead. After a moments reflection, I decided that running 4 miles today was not a huge goal. I figured I'd already run 1.5 and add to that the return trip...BAH, who needs to risk life and limb in a scary park?? Not me. So I turned on my heel and ran all the way back to my car - fast! I do NOT like running a) in the dark b) all alone c) in a scary place where bad people can hurt me and no one will hear my cries for help.

Conclusion: I owe myself 0.8 miles tomorrow. Fine!
Conclusion 2: Running with people faster than me has benefits (I push myself, run doesn't last forever), and its pitfalls (I am exhausted and feel inadequate). So, I need a Wednesday morning running buddy. Any takers???


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