Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Monday, February 27, 2006

Almost Mardi Gras

Food: 1 baked potato with homemade roquefort butter, 2 miniscule pork tenderloin slices left over from Saturday night celebration dinner (Thank you my favorite Boyfriend!! He spoils me), and steamed green beans
Junk: 1 bag of reeses' pieces, one clif bar, one small Vending Satan size bag of bugles
Drink: 1L water, 8oz chai (no cream)
Exercise: 2m and 40 min weights

I know I should run 2 or 3 miles tonight, and it is a great night to run. But, I think I'll wake up early and do it tomorrow with some added upper body weights. These chicken wings are unimpressive. Plus, I hate running after work on days that I am up early at the gym. Frank really misses me. Sure sure, you all will say I am loser, but to be honest, I have friends and work and things to do and all Frank has is me. So here's to tomorrow's a.m. workout.

[clinking my water bottle against mouse]


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