Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Dreadmill

I did it!!! Twelve miles!!!
But it was definitely snowing when I left for the gym. Based on the snow, I decided to run inside. BIG MISTAKE. I hate running on the dreadmill. But @ 7:15 there were no other full-marathoners and it was coming down pretty hard. So off I went downstairs to run on the 'fancy' Woodway treadmill. This is supposed to be the best treadmill in the history of the universe. It made my legs hurt. I didn't like it. After 4 excruciatingly boring miles, I had to switch to the elliptical machine. This was no treat. It took longer to complete miles and I was getting foot cramps. I was SO SAD I didn't run outside. Apparently, a fairly large group assembled by 7:45. Oh well. After 4 EVEN MORE excruciatingly boring miles on the elliptical I was able to hop on my personal fave: Star Trac Elite with fans. Somehow, I managed to polish off 4 more miles. I don't know how.
Ok, more later. Back to bed.


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