Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Thursday, February 09, 2006

T-minus 79 days and counting!!

Sometimes, I just want to smack people. Today, I feel like that non-stop. My life feels like a Dilbert cartoon right now. Office Space, anyone?? I never got that movie, not during my MBA, not during my last 2 jobs, not until I got a real live corporate job.

Anyway, back to marathon training...today I am meeting some girls for 4 miles. So, I'll be running from my house to the meeting place so I can get in a full fiver. Whew, because I went hoggin' at lunch. [oink, oink] What is it about Mexican food?? I just pound the chips - naughty, naughty.

After a fast 2 miles and 45min of weights this a.m. I am looking forward to a leisurely run with some people to chat with. I LOVE my morning workouts, but I also enjoy the social aspect of running and I prefer to workout outdoors. This a.m., it was strange...I came up from the free weight room and in the cardio room of the "Y?" every single machine was in use. At 5:45 AM. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE! It was like a Fit Factory. V strange...very 1984 meets Jane Fonda.

So, a running tip this week was "watch your diet starting on Wednesdays". I assume that means what I eat from Wednesday through Friday night affects my Saturday a.m. long runs. But, I am not really sure what constitutes proper pre-long-run food. I mean, I am pretty sure this is the death knell for my Thursday night margarita habit, but does it mean I can't eat certain things (within reason...I mean, I get it, no gobbling of crazy greasy junk)? Or, was it kind of a rhetorical thing..."Watch your diet..." as it expands to such a point your weekly grocery budget is blown. Who knows?! To be continued.


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