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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Tuesday's Regularly Scheduled Existential Crisis

Pop: 1 coke zero
Junk: 2 small heart-shaped [gag] Dove Bites [trumps gag reflex]
Lunch: chicken chili for the 9th lunch in a row [am now officially OFF batch cooking]
Sharply worded emails to co-workers: uh, am afraid to count, let's just say "several"
Miles: 0 (hopefully 4 tonight after work)
Weights: 40 min - yesterday
Pilates: what's that?
Minutes worrying about Saturday's TWELVE MILE RUN: 30
Minutes Googling ex-boyfriend's wedding announcement: more than 30

It feels like I've been crabby for days now. I don't wake up crabby, but I am quickly placed back in the mood when I am at work dealing with some %^&* !$@ )!^)% [remember this is a PG-rated blog].

I haven't gotten my fat's grade back yet. But hopefully I can share with you soon just how fat I am. This should be fun. Surely, I am less fat today than January 12. That was 56 miles ago!


  • olivia,
    michelle and mark shared the "fat test" results about 3 saturdays ago when we had a weight session before a run. it was one of those "rare" days that you were not there.

    you may want to ask them about it. i bet you will be surprised where you are at, in a good way.

    for the record iam so dreading saturday morning.


    By Anonymous Martie, at 8:34 AM  

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