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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day - Why Am I a Scrooge?!

Look!! Boyfriend sent me beautiful flowers! And I am such a Valentine's humbug! Shame on me...

Seriously, I have never been a fan of this 'holiday' (it isn't a holiday unless I don't have to go to work!), but it just makes me feel guilty when my someone v special does an excellent job doing great things sans cheesiness. I am terrible about being ooey-gooey and stuff. I am very awkward about being overtly sweet. Guess that makes me a WASP! [ps: I have the prettiest flowers in the office. Sistas be hatin'!]

ANYWAY. Last night I TRIED to meet my girls for a 4m run. Again, no one was there. So that's it - I'll have to do it myself! Obviously, I didn't run last night. Anyway, it was pretty cold and I was uninspired. So, tonight, while Boyfriend is cooking dinner - at my house no less, I'll go for my run. YAY!!! Perfect perfect perfect!!


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