Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Friday, March 03, 2006

Another Kind of Marathon

[lips smacking] I'm thirsty today. Those martinis were mighty yummy last night. This is NOT a picture of a cosmo - it is an American Beauty Martini that has rose infused vodka. Very unique. I had three. Or four. Anyway.

I am starting to feel very guilty about missing my 7 mile run with the group tomorrow. I know I can do it on my own and I know I will probably do it Saturday afternoon, but I just hate missing the group run. [sigh]

Tonight is the second night of my Country Music and Party Marathon - Here Come The Mummies, terrifying funk from beyond the grave, are playing and I can't wait to see them. And someone else's 30th birthday party is tomorrow night. [whew!] Talk about getting the Liver (not my nickname) back in the game! But seriously, I don't think I am going to party the house down like I once was able to. The New Olivia is an endorphin junkie! Maybe I'll run tonight before going out....Naaaaaaaaaaah! Nap time! Yesterday morning's training session did me in! We did ab work with this ab roller thing where you roll out forwards and pull yourself back up on this wheel with a handle bar. It was H.A.R.D. Still not sure why I can see my 6-pack yet. Might have something to do with my other 6-pack...


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