Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Monday, March 20, 2006

Bad Blogger, Bad Blogger!

Sorry I've left you all hanging - since I KNOW y'all are dying to hear about my training! Well, rest assured, none has happened!! So y'ain't missing a thang! In fact, when I went to the gym for Monday morning training, I didn't even feel like getting on the dreadmill. I did try it - uh, for like 30 seconds. I think I am a little burned out on running. So I did 15 min on the Gazelle thingy as a warm up. At least I was there! Hardly anyone was. Could be the weather. It is raining hard, big fat juicy raindrops that are defying the laws of gravity by falling horizontally. [So, can that be called falling?] It is an official soaker. Depressing. I wish I were HERE or HERE.

And I've been trying to post a picture of Scottsdale since I got here at 9a (accidentally came all the way to work and realized I left my laptop at home! -grrrr), but something is up and it won't work. Please don't give me suggestions on how to upload pictures - it's not user error.

Today is just plain ol' gross. I think I have seasonal affective disorder. Grey days make me sad that I don't live somewhere sunnier. Warmer. Spring-breakier. I've decided to play Buena Vista Social Club on my laptop, so when I am not looking out my window I can pretend I am enjoying the afro-cuban tunes from a little porch 'office' on a dusty street in Havana sipping a loverly mojito . [sigh] So much imagination, so little time. Actually, this album reminds me of a summer I spent on Menorca; my friend brought a cd-walkman and portable speakers and we listened to this album over and over again. Man, it was SO HOT - there was this incredible heat wave that came up over the Sahara, hot wind blowing right over the Balearic islands. HOT. Perfeccion!


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