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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Blond Moment

So while I was in Arizona last week, I saw this flag hanging on someone's back porch. It really caught my eye. I thought to myself, "Wow, there is someone convicted to human rights to hang a tibeten flag from their back porch."
Wow, Bono would be so proud. I thought, "Wow, people in Arizona are totally misunderstood! They aren't the crazy western folks who have zero knowledge of the outside world! Impressive!"
So I went on with my run feeling so thoughtful and deeply intellectual about the continued oppression of Tibetan people by the Chinese. These deep thoughts did little to keep my run from being completely terrible, however.
On my way back, the owner of the house with the flag was out, um, raking what would be considered a front yard, but it was more like pebbles with some cacti. Moved, I stopped and engaged the man in converstaion. "Hey, I love your flag. Are you involved with the Free Tibet Campaign?" The man stared at me, with a complete look of bewilderment.
[uncomfortable pause]

[more pausing]

[me pointing to flag and wondering if despite his appearance, he didn't speak English]

"OH!", said he. "That's the Arizona State flag".

Well, clearly, it was a mistake that anyone could have made...



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