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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Death Row Menu

Based on my post below, I've put some thought into what I would want to eat as my Last Meal.

Soup: a cup of Chicken Almandine soup that Westbrook Country Club used to make when I was a little girl
Appetizer: 1 cheese coney from Skyline, or 2
Salad: marbled fois gras and apple salad that I ate here, when I stayed in the beautiful town of Deauville
Next: a dozen oysters on the half-shell, or hell, a whole platter of fruits de mer like I ate in Cornouaille
Main: a pulled-pork sammy with white BBQ from Hog Heaven right here in Nashville
Dessert: a real good ile flottant.

Sounds almost like dying and going to FRANCE! Oooh - I forgot to mention cider and galettes! Mmmm. Oh look! Lunch time!

Post your Death Row Meals HERE - don't be shy!!


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