Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Gross. This is how I feel now!! I didn't go to my training session this a.m.! How lazy is that?! But I did pack my things, and despite complete and utter loathing of the 5 o'clock crowd, I will be going to the "Y?" after work.

BUT, I did run last night - only 4. However, my trainer said it was ok since we'll be running so far on Saturday. "Nineteen miles," says he. WTF?!?! Our schedule only says 18!!! Waaa! Oh well...what's one more mile, I guess. I am already running farther than 99% of America has ever run. Dang, tho.

Back to last night's run. It went surprisingly well! I actually ran fast, felt strong and only wanted to quit some of the time. My usual running partner wasn't there :( , so I didn't expend energy talking too much. I find that a little hard on the faster runs. For the slower runs, on the other hand, it is the only way to pass the time. We left from the Athlete's House on Belmont and ran a different route than usual. Instead of running Belmont, we ran to 21st Ave and around the Vanderbilt campus. I haven't done this run in ages and I hate running up 21st Ave because the hill is so long and fairly steep - in short, I've avoided it for months. Well, we headed east on Blakemore down to West End, around all the new chain steak houses that are being built - YUK, so mediocre - past Centenial Park, past the Vanderbilt undergraduate dorms, around the corner to 21st Ave and the Vandy law school, BUSINESS SCHOOL (YAY), divinity school. Up, up, up past the nursing school, medical school, University Hospital...this is where I finish whining and power up the last bit of the hill...all the way to the top...AHHH...smells like Kentucky Fried Cruelty! Yum. Then downhill we go for just about 50 yards.

This is where tonight's run varies from my usual path through Hillsboro Village, past all the bars and shops (upon reflection, the change is good, I don't like people inside of Sam's to be watching me lumber past them as they smoke Marlboro Lights, swill beers and chomp pizza in a joint that smells suspiciously like a urinal cake). In lieu of crossing Blakemore/Wedgewood (another infamous example of one street having too many names), we go left up Wedgewood. Dang, another hill. We run past the hot new bar, Cabana, which used to be this joint called Easy's when I was in school and it was a total scene. It is still a total scene with a cool new backside add-on. I hung out with Eddie George there when it opened. ANYWAY, the refined individuals were having fun not smoking, swilling loverly martinis and munching on locally, organically grown fare. [sigh, envy]

But almost back to the Athlete's House, I just chugged on a little bit, up this last smidge of a hill...AND I DID IT. All down hill from here. Then I sprinted to the Athlete's House. Strong finish. YAY! Finally, a good run!!!


  • Yay for the good run! Hope the 19 went well for you!

    By Blogger Rae, at 5:49 PM  

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