Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How Do You Say "HI" in Arizonan??

Hi from Arizona! I've been running and working and enjoying my working trip to Scottsdale, AZ. Pictures to follow tomorrow.
I went running yesterday with some colleagues...only 3.5m but they were HARD! We did steady 10 minute miles, but I was in full-on struggle. I don't know if I was still tired from Saturday or what. My foot did start hurting at the end. Grrr. What is up with that? I think I'll schedule a visit to my doc about that.
Today, thanks to the handy dandy time change, I was up early to work out. I ran about 2m on the treadmill, but my left ankle kept zinging. So, I went for a 3m walk. We'll discuss tomorrow. I have some great pictures. LOVES IT!


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