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Thursday, March 09, 2006

I [heart] Training, but HATED My Run

Mood: stressed
Drink: yes, gin and tonic, please. [or 2 mugs of coffee and 2 large diet coke fountain drinks] - v bad
Food: 2 eggs with toast (homemade no added fat), fatty fat pants Mexican lunch which included 2 chicken soft tacos, no cheese, with guac, and chips with fat-a$$ bean dip with melted cheese on top - v v bad
Exercise: 40min weight training, 20min core
Miles: 5 last night - and they sucked, period.

So, last night's run. I am convinced that I suck at running. What happened? I was doing so well and making great strides (no pun intended). Now, for some reason, I am the worst! I am so demoralized. With all the water drinking yesterday I was sure my run was going to be, if not great, not too shabby. WRONG. I ended up eating lunch super late and during the run all that water was sloshing around with my chicken salad sammy and making a big mess in my tummy. A side-stitch also slowed me down. My knees and shins were bugging - I was a wreck. And then, on the home stretch, I got a butt cramp! SERIOUSLY! A. BUTT. CRAMP. My right cheek was a spasming mess of (dare I say) muscles. I walked it out and ended up finishing strong. "BUTT" still...

This morning I happily hopped out of bed for training. Oddly enough, I AM LOVING IT. In fact, at last night's run, I was called out for liking crazy things like the superloading (aka supersetting) exercise or playing catch. Well, I love the training. Especially now that I've decided that I will not be doing any more lunges until my quads are strong and my knees stop hurting. So in lieu of those wretched lunges, I get to do leg extentions. YAY!!!! This morning we did standard lower body strengthening as well as minimal upper body. We've been holding plank position for longer and longer and I do feel a lot stronger doing that - except for side plank. For some reason, I just can't hang. I find it as difficult today as I did in November. Grr.

Well, I may cross train tonight after work, or do some pilates, or go grab drinks to fret over what will happen when and if my company gets sold. [sigh]


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