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Thursday, March 02, 2006

I'm Gonna Drink Bacardi Like It's My Birf-day

YAY! I love my birthday!! My friends at work decorated my office! It is so cute! I cannot wait for Happy Hour tonight!!

In preparation for tonight and tomorrow night's celebration, I had to do the run last night (oh and because I am actually seriously trying to run the full marathon). Crap it was tough! Seven miles was de rigeur, but I barely made it 5.5m. What a lame-o. Hard as hell. I don't know why, but my legs really felt like I had cinderblock shoes on. My running partner wasn't really feeling it either, so I didn't feel so bad. Well, she was doing A LOT better than I was.

And this morning, well, no one was interested in waking up. Least of all, Frank. So he chilled in the bed, while I, on my thirtieth (part deux) birthday, got up to go to the gym. [grr]

At any rate, the workout was a good one, even if I didn't have the energy to run as a warm-up. The Gazelle (or whatever the heck it is called) was a nice alternative. Cross-training is looking better every day. [Note to self: Self, try cross-training twice a week] But alas, I did not feel like a stronger, thinner version of Olivia. However, I did not feel like an older, fatter version of me either. So, I'm chalking it up as a WIN. :) In fact, I feel a lot better than I did last year at this time (30th B-day The Prequel). Happy about that too.

I am taking tomorrow and Saturday off from training. With all of this clean living, my liver has gotten out of "party shape". I need to get it back in the game too. [ominous feeling of eventual regret for previous comment]


  • Happy Birthday lady! I too am turning 30 again this year - so let me know how it feels! I'll try and catch up with you tomorrow night - tonight I have to try to start catching up on my miles!!

    By Anonymous mollybloom, at 6:26 PM  

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