Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Monday, March 27, 2006

Marathoner, Thy Name is Olivia

What a run...Where to start??

Let me begin, as such, with the end. This picture was taken as we were running up Harding Road at the Belle Meade Kroger. I can see in this picture that I am tired because my form is breaking down. See the arrow? My elbows are flailing across my body instead of in line with my body and my fists look clenched (but they aren't, I was grabbing my cuffs). This was at mile 17 or so. And also where I stopped. In all honesty, I could have gone on another mile without too much additional discomfort, but one more after that would have been Struggle City. I would have been in major pain, my feet would be even more crunk (if that is possible), I would still be in agony and most importantly I wouldn't have ended on a high - which I very much needed to stay in the game, mentally.

After the past two weeks being terrible, at best, I needed to feel like I was making progress. Or at least, that I am not sucking 100% of the time. Truth be told, I did not have high hopes for Saturday. It was for that reason that I was careful during the week to mitigate potential for making it worse...I made sure I was super hydrated, I was very careful to eat plenty of protien Wednesday and Thursday, and gobbled spaghetti like a pro on Friday night.

I can't say that I awoke with chagrin, because I'd rather be waking up to run gross distances than not waking up at all, but it was with pause that pulled myself from bed early Saturday. The trick with these long runs is getting up early enough to eat a bite, allowing enough time for digestion. No one wants a mini-throw up in the mouth. [slight gag reflex] I had a small snack of toast and peanut butter, got ready and walked down the street to where we started. YAY! So close to home!!

I wish I could give you a blow by blow account of the run. Sadly, we were sequestered in the dreadful bowels of a neighborhood and there was nothing, but nothing notable. "OOh, look a ranch style house" and "Oh look at that ranch style house". Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Totally dull. Luckily, my running partner, who I'll start calling RR - for road runner (she's always leaving me in her dust!), had many stories to tell me and items of gossip to share. Boyfriend was my sherpa again, but he was in desperate need of coffee and got lost. IN SPITE OF THE DIRECTIONS HE WAS GIVEN. Seriously, he had a copy of the route and ended up following a totally different group of runners. [sigh] What can you do about it? [shrugs shoulders]

So, blah blah blah neighborhood, blah blah blah 17 miles. The run was as unsatisfying as this post. BUT, here is the big finish! I felt so strong and so good during the run I think I've overcome many of the mental barriers to this race. Now, I do still need to buy a new pair of sneaks, these are a half size too small (no thanks to my feet growing from a size 8 to and 8.5 very recently - dang it, there goes half my shoe wardrobe. Guess that means: time for new shoes!) and I really really can't stand how my feet are looking these days. Feet should not look like Gollum, all crunk and nasty. Anyhow, I did for once pass Road Runner near the end, but she was having foot pain like I did during the 16 mile run.

In retrospect I wish I would have pushed just a bit to go farther, but 17m isn't bad. And I felt strong and I am happy with the run. The last long run ended on a bittersweet note, but this is ending on a happier one! No half marathon for me! Woot! 26.2 ALL THE WAY!!


  • Yeah, baby! You're not a wuss like those of us who have dropped out of the 26.2 mile run! You go!!

    I didn't realize that sherpa was your boyfriend - that was awfully sweet of him, even if he did get lost!

    By Anonymous Tara, at 10:27 AM  

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