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Monday, March 06, 2006

Mood: Bad

Grr. I hate having the birthday let-downs...you know, when you know it is all over and you have to go back to life as usual. AND I couldn't get off of my lazy a$$ to run 7m this weekend. I wasn't THAT hungover. Sheesh. The worst part is this: I felt bad about not running, but didn't feel like getting up and going running. Kind of like the person that complains that they are overweight whilst stuffing a twinkie or some Krystals down their gullet. Oh crap that reminds me...I ate Krystals this weekend. AND I didn't run. Boo. I give myself an "F".

I stayed up to watch the Oscars last night. No opinions other than there goes 3 hours of my life I'll never get back. Crap.

So I did manage to go to train this a.m. I rattled off 2 very quick miles (19:03), but then was stuck doing lunges. I seriously hate lunges with the intensity of a thousand burning suns. They make my knees hurt. Isn't there some other exercise I can do, Mr. Trainer Guy, that does the same freakin' thing as lunges without having to blow my knees?! [dang, I am crabby] I guess I'll walk Frank when I get home as a cross-train and run in the a.m. Here's another thing I can crab about: Day light savings time. This is going to RUIN ANY HOPES of me running in the morning. I think I am the only person on the planet that likes this.

That's all for now. Grr. [gulping ibuprofen]

-note: this just brightened my day...when I ran spellcheck (rare) just now, the correction that came up for "freakin'" was "foreskin"! BOUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! [fell off chair] I am immature today.


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