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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Busy Little Blogger

Frank says HI. Typically he would be looking at the camera, but he is v. busy killing the frog. He is currently on "crate rest". Small dogs are predisposed to luxating patellas, and he is a type II - patella pops out of place from time to time, but is generally in place. Somehow, he has torn some of his ligaments (I suspect by playing with Boyfriend's rather large and mentally challenged yellow lab, who is a very sweet tempered dog) and has been limping around for a couple of days. Good news is small dogs make bad surgery candidates! Bad news is Frank has to chill in his cabana 90% of the time. BOO.

Anyway, I just got back from my lunch break. I bought new shorts for the run - RR and I are supposed to get the same color, but my good friends at the Athlete's House, where they fronted me socks one day (I am forever grateful), didn't have our agreed upon color. Grr. Now I have periwinkle. Oh well. Does not match my shoes, but who the heck cares about that? (besides some small part of me!)

I did a short run this a.m. and it was FREEZING. Due to a lapse in judgement and a lack of consulting the Weather Channel, I did my run in shorts. Brrr. Nevertheless, the brisk weather was an eye-opener of sorts and I was rarin' to get my day started when I got home. I don't know why I don't run more in the mornings - I guess because it doesn't get light early enough. Running in the dark, alone, freaks me out. And usually I take Frank for walks once it does get light. Hm, so based on the recent diagnosis, I have the next month to run in the a.m. without walking the Pooper. I need to lube up though on these fun runs. The inside of my upper arm got all chaffed today. Um, ugly! And ouch!!

Let's look at race day weather...I heard it is supposed to rain! Do I pack spare shoes and socks?!
Well, blogger doesn't want to attach that picture. So I'll tell you - 60 degrees (67% humidity) at 7a.m. with a 30% chance of rain by 9a.m. Not bad.

Ok gotta run! (figuratively)


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