Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Friday, April 28, 2006

Can't Sit Still

Food: 1 peanut butter sammy
Water: some - working on it.
Coffee: none so far - [I'm a hero!] going for a small cup now...boo.
Miles: ZERO, but I am so stoked I wanted to run some this a.m.
Time wasted thinking about race: A LOT - ashamed to calculate!!

I am so excited! Everyone at work is stopping by my office and poking their head in!! Are you excited are you excited are you excited?!?! I wasn't yesterday, but today, I AM!! This is my first really big race.

The Reggae Run in Cinci was very big and a lot of fun (but that was, um, 5 years ago that I ran it!) and The Elvis Is Alive 5k was also very big. But the Country Music Marathon is gonna be freakin' HUGE!! GI-Normous!! 100,000 spectators!! WOOT!

Last night I went out for dinner with one of my bestie besties and up until last night, I thought she wasn't really on board with the marathon thing, even though she did give up one morning to be my sherpa. I had a strict Olivia embargo on the partying with that group, but was looking forward to being done with training so we could get back to biznazz. Then two of my gals in that group got pregnant - which makes training for the next race a NO BRAINER! Anyhoo, I didn't think she was really on board with all this crazy running, but last night - I almost cried - she got me for my (belated) birthday a fun new pair of running shorts (BUCKEYE colored!!), body glide in a super handy marathon size, and lots of GU in my favorite flavors!! AW!

Don't tell her, but I can't wait for Baby O'Hizzy! YAY!

YAY! Tomorrow is the RACE!!! Go say HI to Rae and Brent, her husband, they are running the half as well!! I am going to take a break and tell everyone tomorrow is race day!!!


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