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Monday, April 03, 2006

Drunk in the Morning

I saw a lot of Drunk in the Morning dudes on my "URBAN" run on Saturday. Drop week!! YAY! Only 8.25 miles!! YAY!! Running in the hood...yay? Running away from pit bulls...BOO! Urban scavenger hunt? YAY! Crack pipe - check! Swisher Sweet blunt - check! Natural Ice double deuce - check! Used rubber - check!

So I ask for an urban run that covers part of the marathon route. Well, per my modus operandi, I get exactly what I ask for. [note to self: when having wishes granted, be sure to be as detailed as possible about said wish] We started our April Fool's Day run at the downtown YMCA. What a beautiful morning! I had on my hot new sneaks, super fab new running shorts and very cute new running t-shirt. My wallet was much lighter than the day before, to be sure. I was so excited for drop week running that I could hardly stand it!

We are all standing around, ready to get this short run over and done with and enjoy this picture book Saturday and I see RR's mom.

"Hey B! Where is RR?"

"At home with a boot on and a stress fracture in her right foot. She has to stay off of it for two weeks. We hope she can walk the Half Marathon with us - there's no guarantee."

[ALARM!! FEAR!!] - Dayum! That sucks for her and for me!! I hate that she is hurt because she has put waaay more work into this marathon than I have - she is stronger, faster, more determined. I can't believe it! AND I have to run this route by myself! BOOO. I didn't pack my iPod. Dang it.

Luckily I ended up running with one of our intrepid trainers who was kind enough to allow me my 11:30 pace. Off we went from behind the Y, and down 8th Ave North. People were running fast - Molly Bloom (link to the right) was just zipping right along. I felt trudge-y. But, I had new Krusty the Klown shoes on. SO big. But, when my feet swell it ain't swell. Running along we pass Nashville's Farmer's Market, we run part of the Oktoberfest 5k route, past the uber-ghetto Mrs. Winner's fried chicken, the Werthan Mills condo development, the HUD housing development, over I-65, past a free roaming pitbull, and then finally the HUMMER dealership.

Water stop. I was not feeling this run at all. I was pretty well rested, and ok hydrated, but this was a struggle. Maybe it was the heat or something. Maybe because I wasn't comforted by RR's conversation (I hate change). I don't know. After the water stop, we continue running down (or is it "up"?) 8th Ave N to this sprawling mess called Metro Center. Currently, the metro courts are temporarily being housed here in former track office space [not safe, IMHO] while the downtown court house is being renovated. The Tennessee Titan's have a training bubble here. There are several obscure and anonymous offices; everything looks the same and it is very easy to get turned around and lost. Anyhow, we ran as far north as possible on 8th Ave N and entered Metro Center at its most northern border: Mainstream Drive (3.6 miles or so from our starting point). From there we hopped on this 'greenway' thing - basically a paved path that runs along the banks of the mighty Cumberland River. I refer to my route directions: 1.5m on Greenway. Super...approximately 15 minutes and I'll be headed back to the Y! Thirty minutes later no one was in sight, it was as hot as Hades, and the 'greenway' promised an endless ability to stretch out in front of me with no terminus. Ten minutes later my feet were aching, my knees were sore, I was thirsty and BORED. The girl I was running with was just as confused as I was. This was no mere 1.5 mile stint, this was at least twice that length. April Fools' joke was on me I guess.

Happily, the main trainers, M&M cycled up and indicated we were close to the end. I am very glad I practice self-restraint because I was about to hijack me some bike. Anyway, we make it to the water stop oasis and I realize just how badly my knee was hurting. Sad. And I know we had at least 2 miles before we exited Metro Center and another 3.5 miles back to the Y. I could make it.

On we trudged until my knee spasmed like, I don't know, like someone stabbed the soft spot below my patella. ARGH! Ok, I walk a minute and start to run again. OW! Stabbing stabbing! Ok, walking is fine. I walk for about 5 steps and more stabbing - which it is totally unfair to have stabbing sensations whilst walking. I try for about another 100 yards to run which was hilarious - run run stab walk run run stab walk. The trainer who had subtly let me know that walking might be best, told me, in no uncertain terms, that I must walk. Period. Sad. We were so far from civilization.

We walked for about 2 miles before we were picked up by one of the group. But the walking made for a very interesting look at this side of Nashville. We walked past some Drunk in the Morning dudes buying their first beer of the day (it was 9 a.m.), we walked past homeless dudes hanging out in a shady doorway (it was hot out), we walked past a family yelling "DONATIONS" in the hopes people would jettison spare change from their moving vehicles to support some strange church whose name adorned the cardboard signs they were holding, we walked past a house and upon its chain link fence hung a bed sheet spray-painted, announcing R. Kelly's show dates in Nashville (now, there IS such a thing as bad press, in my opinion). I am sure we would have gotten an eye-full of other interesting things...but instead we were picked up.

Now, in spite of all this sight-seeing, I am concerned about my joint health. This could just be runner's knee, and that happens to folks the first time they get their mileage up pretty high. But I'll run a little tonight and see how it feels. Sad.


  • Thanks for the plug, Olivia, but of course my "zipping" didn't exactly last on Saturday. Sounds like it was kinda bad for all of us, and I'm SO sorry to hear about RR!

    And now, with a twisted ankle I hobble off for 90 minutes of pool jogging . . . somebody shoot me . . .

    By Anonymous Tara, at 5:04 PM  

  • This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:39 AM  

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