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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Run That Should Have Been

Cardio: 40 min
Weights: 30 min
Junk: 1 bag Andy Capp Hot Fries
Pop: 1 diet 7-up
Traffic Tickets: 2 - yes 2. One for a front headlight out. One for being clocked at 20 in a 15mph zone. Seriously? Karma is a beeyotch.

Random Thought of the Day: Why does curry only taste good when paired with copious amounts of butter and cream?

Saturday's Run Recap

Grassland Middle School had heretofore been my bete noir, my Waterloo. That was until the Hillwood run - where, ironically, I kicked butt. However, running in West Meade was so dull it makes watching Olympic Curling simply riveting. Be that as it may, I was loathe to return to Williamson County, home of dull things like innumerable cul-de-sacs, clone homes and soulless places like Brentwood and Franklin (I tend to have that opinion about all suburbs, so don't take it personally, bless yer heart). Dull dull dull. And it was like winter outside! Where was the almost summer-like weather I had come to expect, nay, anticipate?! [sigh] It must have gone on Spring Break.

Boyfriend played the role of Sherpa, unlike my last run here where my faithful side-kick O'Hizzy was on the bike. Since, BF was sherpa-ing, we were LATE. All the full marathon runners had already left the starting blocks by the time we got there. I would have been angry, but who would I have run with?? RR is broken, Molly Bloom dropped to the half, MT is so fast it is out of the question. Late or on time - no difference does it make at this point. I happen to take off with one other full marathoner...a vet of many many marathons. He just starts off and I am in full struggle before leaving the Dread Sub-Division. By mile 2, aka Alan Jackson's house, aka Opryland South, I've let him go on ahead. Now it is just me, sherpa, and the buzzards.


Buzzards? That'll make a girl feel confident she'll make it through the run. Carrion birds circling overhead does a lot for will-power. As it turns out, the buzzards weren't circling solely in anticipation of pillaging my carcass, there was a lot of smelly road kill. Boo.

Before I knew it, I had hit mile 3.5 - water - and ran on down the dread hill. Again, I was quick to the church at mile 6 - water - and off again. Six miles is really my happy place. I feel strong, fast, it's a good hour-long work out...Maybe 10ks are my lot in life. So, I'm traveling on - pat the light pole that I turned around at last time at 7m and kept right on going. I crossed Mighty MT, she's so sweet, and she asked how I was doing as I munched on some Excedrin Migraine (best drug I've found so far). I felt GREAT, except for it was misting and getting colder by the minute. By mile 8, I was so far out in the country and had so narrowly escaped stepping in possum pie (several times) I felt like I had run home to Ohio. Fields are boring. I was pretty happy to see mile 10 and turn around. I was thinking I might be tired soon, the toes on my right foot were numb, I was hungry, and I was wet/cold.

I am saving you from having to read ever dang thing I saw this run - if you are interested, please refer to this post and add 6 miles of the same.

By the time I had returned to the Church, I really had to go to the bathroom. REALLY. But there was a line. This was the linchpin in my ultimate undoing. I paced quickly to keep warm and loose, but I had to no choice but to wait. And wait. And wait.... Without going into detail, I wasn't happy when I did finally get through the line. I started to wonder if all of this running could possibly hurt my body on the inside. Bah - I push that thought away and take off again. Slower now than before. I had really cooled off and my knees started giving me hell. Poor BF, I was tired and acting crabby to him. He didn't have to be out in the cold, wet weather early on a Saturday morning - and I was being very crabby. Actually, Sherpa got a lot of comments on the run from amazed men to jealous wives. "That's devotion - she owes you!" to "Boyfriend Of The Year!" to "My husband would never do that...[squawk squawk squawk]"

Anyway, I stop at mile 16 (aka mile 4) to stretch, gulp a gu and grab some H2O. At this point, my knees were KILLING me. I walk up the Dread Hill to the 3m water stop. Whew. My knees were on fire. My right foot was numb. My back really hurt. I noshed on some pretzels and took off again - kinda bandy legged. Mighty MT had sent her special man in search of me waaay back at mile 14 and I sure was sorry I had waved him on at this point. Curse curse curse curse curse curse curse. I took a deep breath and like in yoga tried to breath into this difficult position. Strangely, I did quiet my mind (unlike last time), but I couldn't quiet my knees. In a moment of weakness, I sent Sherpa for the car (plus, I wanted his pullover). I figured it was close enough that a) he'd get lost like usual and b) I'd have time to make it as far as I could and c) I'd only use him if I couldn't go any farther. He peddled off into the mist and I jogged and jogged and wished for this crummy run to be over.

Long about Alan Jackson's house, I stopped to stretch. At this point, I did feel like I couldn't go on. I wasn't too tired to go on, but my knees! Oh the pain!! Stretch stretch here, stretch stretch there. Ok, left, right, repeat. Owowowowowowow. I stop lift my right leg, bend the knee and try anything - I put my foot down, put my weight on it as if to take a step and fall flat over. Literally. I fell over. On the ground in the middle of the road. Hm, knees? Ego? Which hurts more? And then a thought: "I am possum pie!!"

I try again - with the left leg this time, sensing I could fool the pain. It was like I was channeling Kramer...or Jerry Lewis (the French love me; everybody else - not so sure what is going on) - fell over again.

THAT'S IT!! I QUIT! I will NOT fall over thrice.

I stretched some more until I could walk and I half heartedly jogged a few steps, cursed, and walked again until BF came with the Blue Behemoth to rescue me.

Albert Camus has said, "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer." On this wintry day, I found a little summer inside of me - I didn't care if I couldn't make it all the way or if my toes were numb. I ran 18 miles and I have never done that before.

Now, that said - I am STILL in pain, my knees STILL hurt, and I am not so sure my knees can do a full marathon in 3 weeks. WHAT TO DO??


  • holy crap, that is an EPIC story. EPIC!! and funny. well, not so funny for you, but it made me laugh. Until you fell over. I swear i didn't laugh at that part (Even if you did write it funny.) I do know about one's leg giving way like that, though. Believe me, I KNOW. There is no running through that. I hope you are getting them knees looked at...sounds like some PT is in order...
    But man, way to go on 18 miles!!!

    By Blogger jeanne, at 4:08 PM  

  • oh, and p.s. when it happened to me? I was five weeks out from my marathon. I went to PT 3 days a week. And bought a knee brace. It helped. A LOT.

    By Blogger jeanne, at 4:09 PM  

  • p.p.s. (stop me, someone, please!) Also, I had to stop running for two weeks. Since you are three weeks out, I dunno. You might need to rest those legs.

    By Blogger jeanne, at 4:10 PM  

  • Great job on making it to 18. You could definately see a PT and have him evaluate your problems, they really helped Brent with proper stretching and such.

    By Blogger Rae, at 9:42 PM  

  • Wow. OK. That was a really rough run. Right now you need to rest those knees and heal up. You've got three weeks to rest them. I would see if you can do some crosstraining. If it doesn't hurt, go ahead and do that. You don't want your cardio endurance to fall back. Your legs will heal and build strength in the mean time.

    Ice the knees if it helps. Ibuprofin too if it helps the pain. Maybe massage too, but gentle stuff.

    Get some rest. Make sure you are getting the sleep you need and are eating well too. You'll need all that to make the taper recovery work to your favor.

    You did a great job working hard through that run. I know backing off will feel like you aren't training, but you are. Part of your training is recovering properly after long runs, especially the BIG ones like this.

    Hang in there and stay the course. Train to heal, and you will be strong on race day.

    By Blogger Jon (was) in Michigan, at 9:04 AM  

  • Thanks for all of your support, y'all. I'm feeling better (emotionally and physically), so I am being careful not to get too agressive during my shorter runs and I am adding more pool work and Xtraining in.

    By Blogger Olivia, at 10:22 AM  

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