Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

CMM Recap, Part Deux

So when last I left you, I was laying down at a medic station on Belmont. Resting. Assuaging my nausea and fever. Angry at my darn luck.

The medic man, who was very nice, said that if I wasn't feeling better soon I'd have to pull out of the race. WHAT? What, man? Quit?! Nothing like a little, "Oh no you can't" to galvanize one's will. I hopped right up and took off running, leaving Boyfriend and Medic Man standing there agog, holding my empty water bottle. I have been training for six months for this thing and there was no stopping me. Obviously, or the puking would have been a good place to quit. Or the seeing of stars. But whatever. Off I went.

Struggle, struggle, struggle. I don't remember a lot of the run down Music Row. Actually, there is a lot of the run that I don't remember. Isn't that strange. I was just concentrating on running at a pace that I could live with or walking as fast as possible. The sun had now come out and it was very warm. Well, it seemed warm out. The sun was a hazy, sunburn kind of sun and I realized besides forgetting to put Body Glide on my feet, I neglected to apply sunscreen to face and arms. Great. I could see my fate so clearly: Sick with flu, burned by glaring mid-morning sun. Well, that would take care of that sick pallor, wouldn't it?

My next clear memory is passing the 15k marker. Math was impossible at this point...How far was that? Nine miles, maybe ten? I rounded 12th Avenue in the Gulch and noticed the new restaurant, Radius10, where we had dinner reservations later that evening. I wasn't aware that it was down here - so I perked up enough to make a mental note of its exact location. For some reason, be it the heat, the restaurant, the utter chaos in my body, but I was sure I had passed 10 miles. Only 3 to go. No problem.

I kept trotting. And trotting. And trotting. And then came upon the 10 mile marker. DAMMIT! Poo, now it felt like I had so much farther to go. Boo. An old man passed me. I wanted to cry. But instead, I slipped on Mardi Gras beads. Excuse me? Some spirit team had a Fat Tuesday theme, which would have been really adorable, but I was pissy. So, next time I will give the spirit people high fives in lieu of the scowls they received.

This kind of sounds like a drunk story since I have such poor recollection of the order of events during the race, but I'll chalk it up to delirium. As I entered Bicentennial Mall near the Farmer's Market I saw two good friends of mine and I pulled over to chat. I mean, I had already wrecked my goal time and really wanted to thank them for coming out. Immediately they noted how slow I was going and after getting a good look at me asked if I was ok, because I looked terrible. Um, snakes on a plane, guys! Actually, I was feeling better than earlier. I was able to keep water down. YAY! Victory is mine!

I walked up the hill at the 12m marker, but once I was at the top (twice, there was a false summit), I ran. I ran like I had gotten 8 hours of sleep that night. It didn't feel like that good, but I wanted to be DONE. A running finish was the last goal, the only goal left that I could accomplish. So I RAN. Sure, it probably didn't look like much, but inside, I was pouring in on. Running over the Woodland Street bridge was great. Having done it before, I knew what to expect and I knew where the finish line was. Taking advantange of the downhill grade, I tried to build up some momentum to get some speed around the finish. I saw our running groups two trainers, M&M, and I waved! Yay! Almost done.

Around the corner I saw two more of our faithful trainers and I waved to them as well - they looked a little concerned to see me arriving so late...RR finished in 2:18:some change. Dang. That coulda been me.

Mile marker 13! YESSSS! Boyfriend said it was noisy, but I didn't hear a thing. Nothing. I remember it being quiet. Then I heard my name! Boyfriend and his sidekick were there at the end! That was really sweet. As I crossed the finish, I heard the commentator say some stuff, but what caught my attention was a tinkling sound. The sound of medals! I GET A MEDAL, I thought, I EARNED a medal! I finally finished. And, like usual, I cried. Despite being sick and tired and dehydrated, I cried real tears. I didn't think there was anything wet left inside of me!

I don't know if I was happy that I finished, or sad that my time was about 3 hours. Guess it is a little bit of both.

This a.m. I hit the gym and ran 2m and did 40 minutes of weights and 20 minutes core all by myself and will be doing 3m after work. Training for the [insert name here] Marathon started today.


  • Wow!! What an experience. Way to go on finishing, a lot of people would've quit or not even tried.

    No matter what your next one should be much easier!!!

    Enjoy that medal!!

    By Blogger Rae, at 12:28 PM  

  • what a story!! i don't think i could have gotten off that cot in the medic tent. You deserve a medal for bravery too! I'm with Rae; no matter what, the next one will be a breeze!

    By Blogger jeanne, at 9:42 AM  

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