Olivia's Marathon Misadventures

Monday, October 02, 2006

Damage Control

Oh hell...
Four thirty a.m. arrived waaaay to early today. I stayed up watching that worthless Brothers & Sisters show with Ali McBeal. It is terrible. It is no Grey's Anatomy, and therefore no reason to be going to bed so late.
But being true to myself, I got out of bed, got ready and went to the "Y?". Conveniently enough (irony alert), construction is being done on the parking lot of the Green Hills "Y?", so what was left of parking was absolutely slammed. At 5a.m. Seriously.
To warm up, we had to run one stinking miserable mile. No problemo, kimosabe. WRONG! I have let my running legs go fallow, as it were. One mile and I was dying. Boo. Tomorrow's marathon training kick-off run promises more of today's lung-fireworks. I do not know how I am going to do any serious damage control before then.
I am just going to have to suffer. Punishment for a no running summer.


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